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Customer Reviews

Residential and commercial customer testimonials.

We have used them for several years

Guarantee Plumbing & AC, Inc. has been servicing our home for several years. They are very professional and we are very satisfied with the work that they do. I just had them out to my home to work on the condenser for the air conditioning unit. The technician checked it out and diagnosed it properly. He made some adjustments on the unit and then fired it up! Now everything is working perfectly. While he was out here he looked over a few other things that we may need to have replaced in the near future. He told us that the compressor on the roof is rather old and it is leaking. He warned me about these things and gave me an estimate. We may need that replaced within the next year or so. I feel that their pricing is quite reasonable. They always take the time to go over every single charge on the bill in great detail so you understand it correctly. I feel it is well worth it for the quality of work that they always do for us. I would recommend them to anyone as it is always a pleasure to do business with them.

Pleased to Serve Their Proud Tradition!

The Tschoepe family, through their business, Guarantee Plumbing & AC, Inc., has promptly and professionally served me and the community for years. This service call was just one more example. It was my six-month checkup, and the technicians from Guarantee Plumbing & AC, Inc. did some adjustments and took measurements and everything. Guarantee Plumbing & AC, Inc. has been my go-to plumbing and air conditioning service supplier for twelve years. I am very satisfied with their service.

We’ve Used Them Plenty of Times and They Always Do Good Work!

We have used Guarantee Plumbing & AC, Inc. many times this past year. They always do a very good job. This last time we called them to fix some clogged sewer lines, they came right out and got them unstopped for us. I recommend them and one of the reasons is their employees; they are always professional and courteous. They know how to get the job done. I will be calling them in the future, good company, great employees.

They did the work quickly!

Guarantee Plumbing & AC, Inc. came out last season to fix our air conditioning unit. I would use them again and would recommend Guarantee Plumbing & AC, Inc. to others. They had to replace the compressor motor in it. The technician that they sent out was extremely polite and helpful. The man took the time to call the warranty company and checked that, as well as making calls to the manufacturer. He made everything work out. I do feel that the price was fair for the quality work that they gave me, although it is always too high of an expense whoever does this type of work. I guess what they charged was normal. I do appreciate the technician we had though and that they did the work so quickly.

Very good

Since we can’t get freon anymore we had Guarantee Plumbing & AC, Inc. come out and put in a new unit for us recently. This was not our first time using their services. We have been using them for a while now and we have always been pleased. Their technicians are prompt, polite and professional. They have been able to make a diagnosis of problems if we have had them come out then they explain what they have found to us as well as what they can do to fix it. They also take the time to answer any of the questions we have for them. They are respectful of our home and they are courteous. We will continue to use Guarantee Plumbing & AC, Inc.

They have done a great job for us!

Our company does nationwide work, and Guarantee Plumbing & AC, Inc. has done a great job for us on our San Antonio jobs! No complaints from us!

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