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Texas Plumbing and COVID-19

Texas Plumbing And COVID-19

Guarantee Plumbing and Air Conditioning #1 priority is your safety and well-being.

Guarantee Plumbing and Air Conditioning deliver services to customers during these uncertain times. We want to assure you that we are doing our part to keep you and our employees as safe as possible.

The steps we take daily to ensure everybody’s safety:

Sanitizing & Protection

  • Our plumbers and technicians wear protective gear at every appointment.
  • We equip our plumbers and technicians with hand sanitizer and disinfectant and require them to wash their hands and disinfect their trucks/tools frequently throughout the day.
  • Our office is cleaned and thoroughly sanitized.

Social Distancing

  • Plumbers and technicians maintain a safe distance from customers and abstain from handshaking and physical contact.
  • Occupancy in our office is always under 50% to prevent Covid.
  • Guarantee Plumbing and Air Conditioning gives the proper distance between each employee.


  • Guarantee Plumbing and Air Conditioning applied mandatory everyday safety practices to to protect customers.
  • Guarantee Plumbing and Air Conditioning employees with a temperature or displaying cold or flu-like symptoms are sent home instantly.

Guarantee Plumbing Helping Texas Fight COVID-19

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